XP Coin – Reward token at the pulse of time

Gamification is the buzzword for the XP coin crypto currency. XP stands for “experience points”. With the coin gamers should be rewarded with video games.

But it is not only them who should receive Coins for their achievements, but also students and athletes. For a long time the prognosis did not look so good, but at the turn of the year the price of the unusual coin has changed a lot.

XP Coin – What is this crypto currency according to onlinebetrug?

Gamification” means to turn everything into a video game. Everyday actions as well as successes in sports, at work etc. should be treated like a video game. The concept can be used to get a person to do more sports or to replace other bad habits with good ones, says onlinebetrug. More about it on: onlinebetrug

The XP coin crypto currency is based on this concept. The most obvious implementation of XP is in video games. Players should be rewarded for achieving things in their games and receiving coins for doing so. Players can spend these coins. Part of the development is an own shop, where the X P can be exchanged against products of the gaming platform Steam. The players should also be able to exchange the X P with other players, trade against crypto currencies or donate them for a good cause. The connection between the blockchain and the games is to function via plug-and-play by the software developers integrating the X P Wallet into their game and thus enabling transactions to the players.

XP Coins should not only be earned with video games. The goal of the development is to make them part of the education. You should also earn X P by attending courses and school hours, getting good grades or degrees. It looks similar with sports activities, simply by participation or better still, by winning medals and prizes, you should also be rewarded with coins. In the future, activities like visiting certain places will be added. So if you visit famous landmarks, you will get coins as well as real experience. The concept will be expanded to include participations and contributions to communities. In general, the crypto currency should reward people who become active and in the best case also do something positive for the world.

The development is still in an early phase. The developers want to use the Blockchain technology to make the reward by XP part of our everyday life. They deliberately use the blockchain to ensure security and decentralized transactions. The data of the users are stored on the blockchain and should be there safe from any access. The coin can also be mined. The proof-of-stake procedure is used for this purpose. In order to generate new blocks of the blockchain, the computers connected to the blockchain usually have to perform complicated computational tasks to validate transactions and add them to the blockchain. However, this consumes a lot of energy, making mining very costly. That’s why mining Bitcoin is hardly feasible for the average consumer these days. With proof-of-stake, the user only has to hold the coins and may receive X P coins in return. This saves considerably more energy.

XP Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

Coin development is far from complete. In the course of the year, the team wants to introduce several nodes. The “X P Pentanode System” should lead to more security and a better infrastructure of the network. Some of the nodes have the goal to finance the project. The X P Salesnode is designed to be used by dealers to sell products for X P Coins or to sell the Coins themselves. With the Geonode, the users who carry the XP Wallet on their iPhone will be able to earn X P Coins by visiting certain locations by activating the tracking of their iPhone.

It’s very difficult to get more accurate information about the team. On their own site, the developers introduce themselves as passionate cryptocoin fans and programmers, but hide behind nicknames. The chief developer Evangelo is said to have handed over control of the crypto currency to a new team due to health problems.

During pre-mining (digging for the crypto currency before it is generally tradable), 35 billion coins were distributed to the team in order to support the development of the crypto currency.