Food companies join FoodCoin Ecosystem as partners

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The blockchain is definitely a useful innovation, not only for investors of crypto currencies. It is useful in almost every area – but one area stands out: the food industry. The most important aspects of the food industry, i.e. quality assurance, origin verification and food traceability, are the aspects that can be revolutionised and improved with the Blockchain.

Bitcoin Profit is real

The Swiss company FoodCoin Ecosystem has chosen this mission, the revolution of the food industry. FoodCoin is developing a blockchain ecosystem that not only provides a crypto currency for transactions, but also a number of useful tools: the product jump identification system PRORID, the’Smaco library for smart contracts‘ as well as the Wallet Wallok and the payment processing system DiPay. Today, food producers see Blockchain as an opportunity to bring production to a new technological level in order to offer consumers the best quality. They therefore decide to introduce and implement the blockchain in their operations.

Several small and large food producers have already decided to join the FoodCoin ecosystem as partners. In March this year FoodCoin entered into partnerships with’The Turmeric Company‘ – founded by footballer Thomas Hal-Robson-Kanu, known from the Premier League – and the German canning manufacturer Aldim GmbH, founded by Alexander Schnekenhaus.

Both companies will open their online shops on 1000ecofarms where they will accept FoodCoin for payments. Smaller farmers also see FoodCoin as an opportunity. They can promote the high quality of their products. Russian farmer Yuri Smirnov uses the FoodCoin platform to sell honey. In the future, US farmers will also use this function.

FoodCoin Partnership

Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu explains that „a big problem in the food industry is that foods pretend to be something they are not. The system introduced by FoodCoin ensures that the entire food supply chain can be traced, regardless of the product or quantity obtained. You always know about food.“


Second FoodCoin Partnership

Mr. Alexander Schnekenhaus recognizes several advantages of the Blockchain technology. On the one hand, there is another, better way to find trustworthy suppliers who cannot cheat, and on the other hand, you finally get rid of the annoying paperwork.

Although the term blockchain is mentioned almost everywhere and constantly, most people do not know how to deal with it. That’s why education is important. It is crucial to explain to people and make it clear that it is not just about speculation and profit, but a technology, an instrument that helps food producers and farmers in their work and facilitates many tasks.

In April, FoodCoin reached an agreement with the production team of’Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. The company will be featured in one episode of the television series. This episode is broadcast on well-known channels such as Fox Business, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and RFD-TV Networks. The episode will be released in the third quarter of this year (Q3 2018).

The’FoodCoin Eco-System Platform‘ already has over 2000 users. The token can currently be purchased on four exchanges, further exchanges are to follow in the future. For the time being, the company is working on the blockchain and the tools based on it. It is also working to reach new agreements and enter into new partnerships. FoodCoin would like to encourage other companies, also through positive experiences and successful implementations, to introduce the Blockchain technology.