Binance Coin – advantages and disadvantages

This crypto currency could be particularly interesting for speculators, because in the foreseeable future the value of the coin will almost double: Of the 200 million coins in circulation, half will be bought back by Bina/nce, which should only increase the price of the remaining coins. The supply of tokens is limited, inflation excluded. However, the fact that the crypto currency cannot be mined makes it less interesting for those who want to profit directly from the coin itself without trading on the exchange exchange. The integration of the crypto currency is particularly advantageous for entrepreneurs and binance themselves, which only makes the platform more attractive for new users. The strength lies clearly in the platform, which in turn relies on the many old coins. If Bitcoin and Ether should go downhill at some point, then Bina/nce offers a good contact point for those who want to rely on Altcoins.

Binance Coin Price – Development – Forecast of the Bitcoin code

A prognosis is difficult to make because the Bitcoin code platform and the crypto currency are still very young. In any case, it can already be said that the share price has developed very well so far. For a long time, even after the Initial Coin Offering, the price was quoted in the range of 0 Euro or only slightly above. A positive development of the Bitcoin code began only in October, when the interest in the crypto currency clearly increased, which also affected the price. Within one day, the rate jumped from 0 to 1 euro per token.

In November, the NBB price did not break the 2 euro mark yet, but the high of almost 1.80 euro per coin was recorded in the second week. Thereafter, the price fell somewhat to around 1.20, only to rise slowly but steadily over the next few days and weeks. The forecast for December looked very promising:

In the first week the value of the coin exceeded the 2 Euro, held there for a few days and reached new highs in the middle of the month, when the crypto currency reached 5 Euro for the first time and continued this trend. 8.58 Euro should become the highest value of the coin so far.

In January, the price finally shot up. At 18.76 euros per token, the price was quoted for the first time and thus recorded its best result to date. It is noteworthy that this rise took place at a time when Bina/nce had to close its doors at short notice because the servers could no longer cope with the new registrations. This seems to have had hardly any significant influence on the price, in short it only dropped to only 15 Euro, which is still a multiple of the value with which the crypto currency started. Then it went again uphill with a value around 18 Euro per coin. If this trend continues, the forecast for 2018 looks very promising.

Where is the Bitcoin revolution?

Buying a Binance Coin is a bit more difficult than with other crypto currencies. It cannot be bought directly with Euro, Dollar or any other Fiat money. Instead, it can only be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ether, the Ethereum coin, on the official Binance exchange. You can get Bitcoin revolution and Ethereum on most exchanges, even for Fiat money. For example, Kraken, Bittrex or Poloniex offer themselves for this. If you have a few Bitcoins or Ether, all you have to do is register on Binance. Registration is very easy and no verifications, such as uploading an ID card, are required. Then you send Bitcoins or Ether to the Web Wallet. With these you can buy the BNB coin. The coins can not only be stored on the Web Wallet of the exchange exchange, but also on the EtherWallet of Ethereum. Here is a review about the Bitcoin revolution.

Conclusion is a modern crypto exchange that constantly offers new old coins and is one of the largest exchange exchanges in the world. The coin offers numerous advantages to traders on the platform and thus seems to be a safe investment, which is also shown by the increase in value of the price.