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September 11, 2008 Program Evaluation & Development

CRG Consulting's Program Development and Evaluation team offers customized services to assist clients identify, design, approve, implement and evaluate organizational programs and projects to ensure they support related policies, goals and objectives.  These services enable organizations to achieve measurable goals.  In a time of increasing program demands, limited organizational capacity and greater emphasis on accountability for results, programs must constantly be evaluated to ensure they are relevant and valuable. 

Under the general service heading of Program Development and Evaluation, CRG Consulting offers the following unique and targeted services:

  • Program identification and design using 5R4I process mapping
  • Determining funding options (internal and public/private partnering) 
  • Designing program governance structures and management protocols 
  • Program risk assessments 
  • Program implementation methodologies
    • Option development, analysis and costing 
    • Development of business cases 
    • Cost-benefit analysis 
    • Implementation alternatives including public/private partnering 
  • Development of grants and contributions programs 
  • Development of results-based management accountability frameworks 
  • Development of risk-based audit frameworks 
  • Preparation of departmental and central agency approval documentation including memoranda to cabinet (MCs), Treasury Board submissions and other decision documents 
  • Development of performance management frameworks
    • Developing outcome/output linkages and dependencies 
    • Formulation of appropriate measures using smart criteria 
    • Conducting research and identifying appropriate benchmarks, standards and targets 
    • Development and implementation of various framework monitoring approaches such as balanced scorecard and dashboard
  • Development of program evaluation frameworks and strategies
    • Formative evaluations 
    • Summative evaluations
  • Facilitation of program evaluation consultations with stakeholders 
  • Program impact assessments 
  • Organizational capacity and capability assessments 
  • Business program continuity evaluations and planning

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