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September 11, 2008 Risk Management

Current approaches to managing risk are too often based on intuition rather than on structured, systematic decision-making.  However, problems can arise when using intuition alone to deal with complex risk issues affecting the achievement of an organization’s objectives. 

A structured approach to decision-making about risk issues will generate significant benefits for decision-makers, not the least of which is more defensible and better informed judgments.  In addition, decisions arising from systematic and structured processes are more acceptable to stakeholders than decisions based on intuition.

CRG Consulting’s Risk Management Area of Expertise can help organizations with all aspects related to structured risk management decision-making, including:

  • The development of risk management decision frameworks
  • Risk assessments related to policies, programs and activities
  • The development of effective risk communication / consultation strategies
  • The development of stakeholder analyses
  • The development of integrated risk management (IRM) policies and programs for government and industry
  • The development of corporate and program risk profiles
  • The development of risk-based audit frameworks (RBAF)
  • The development of results-based management and accountability frameworks (RMAF)
  • The development of regulatory impact analysis statements (RIAS)
  • The development of program logic models and performance measurement schema to support program initiatives
  • The development and delivery of training programs in all aspects of the risk management decision process
  • The development and delivery of training programs in risk communication and public involvement
  • Assisting with the ongoing monitoring of risk and assisting with the implementation of risk response (mitigation) strategies
  • Preparing draft and finalized risk assessments, briefing notes, presentations and papers related to risk management, and developing and updating risk management plans
  • Providing advice with respect to risk management best practices and providing guidance and direction to assist departmental personnel in managing risk

CRG Consulting is listed as a Qualified Ranked Firm on the Public Works and Government Services Canada Risk Assessment Services Supply Arrangement.

# EP734-103113/010/ZH. This includes:

  • Work Stream Two – Real Property Management
  • Work Stream Three – Corporate Risk Management

To view details of this arrangement click on this link.

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