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September 11, 2008 Public-Private Partnerships

Public sector organizations worldwide are turning increasingly to partnerships with the private sector to deliver major infrastructure projects.  This approach has been shown to have significant benefits for risk sharing and has resulted in an increased number of large, multi-year projects being not only advanced by the public sector as a result of this alternative but delivered on time and on budget.

In Canada, governments at all levels are now requiring that major projects be screened to determine whether they could be delivered through a public-private partnership (P3) arrangement.

CRG Consulting has the knowledge and expertise to help public sector organizations with every aspect of the P3 process from feasibility assessment, through implementation to transition management.  CRG Consulting executives have been involved with many of the largest P3 projects ever undertaken in Canada.  Their practical experience can help organizations navigate P3 projects effectively, efficiently and in a timely and cost-effective manner.

CRG Consulting’s P3 services include:

  • Feasibility Assessment: Stakeholder interviews; Enterprise readiness assessment; Identify service objectives; Gap Analysis; and, Identify delivery options;
  • Business Case Development: Identify market comparables; Cost benefit analysis; Risk management assessment; Regulatory review; Public interest assessment; Benchmark matrix; and, Communication plans;
  • Project Team Assembly: Identify resources; Project plan development; Governance and accountability structure; Benchmarking; and, Risk profiling;
  • Proposal and Bid Documentation and Process: Evaluate market interest and capability; Request for qualifications process; Request for proposal process; and, Evaluation process;
  • Partner Selection: Confirm value for money; Recommend partner(s); and, Obtain approval to proceed to negotiation;
  • Negotiation: Letter of intent or memorandum of understanding; Prepare joint business plan for approval; Negotiate commercial agreement(s); and, Ratify agreement(s);
  • Project Management: Program review; Liaison between client and partner; Plan and specification coordination; Budget and schedule control and management; Risk/quality management; Implementation management; and, Commissioning;
  • Transition Management: Governance structure; Change management plan; and, Establish contract/asset management team; and,
  • Strategic Relationship Management: Performance management framework; Accountability framework; and, Dispute mechanism.

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