XP Coin – Reward token at the pulse of time

Gamification is the buzzword for the XP coin crypto currency. XP stands for “experience points”. With the coin gamers should be rewarded with video games.

But it is not only them who should receive Coins for their achievements, but also students and athletes. For a long time the prognosis did not look so good, but at the turn of the year the price of the unusual coin has changed a lot.

XP Coin – What is this crypto currency according to onlinebetrug?

Gamification” means to turn everything into a video game. Everyday actions as well as successes in sports, at work etc. should be treated like a video game. The concept can be used to get a person to do more sports or to replace other bad habits with good ones, says onlinebetrug. More about it on: onlinebetrug

The XP coin crypto currency is based on this concept. The most obvious implementation of XP is in video games. Players should be rewarded for achieving things in their games and receiving coins for doing so. Players can spend these coins. Part of the development is an own shop, where the X P can be exchanged against products of the gaming platform Steam. The players should also be able to exchange the X P with other players, trade against crypto currencies or donate them for a good cause. The connection between the blockchain and the games is to function via plug-and-play by the software developers integrating the X P Wallet into their game and thus enabling transactions to the players.

XP Coins should not only be earned with video games. The goal of the development is to make them part of the education. You should also earn X P by attending courses and school hours, getting good grades or degrees. It looks similar with sports activities, simply by participation or better still, by winning medals and prizes, you should also be rewarded with coins. In the future, activities like visiting certain places will be added. So if you visit famous landmarks, you will get coins as well as real experience. The concept will be expanded to include participations and contributions to communities. In general, the crypto currency should reward people who become active and in the best case also do something positive for the world.

The development is still in an early phase. The developers want to use the Blockchain technology to make the reward by XP part of our everyday life. They deliberately use the blockchain to ensure security and decentralized transactions. The data of the users are stored on the blockchain and should be there safe from any access. The coin can also be mined. The proof-of-stake procedure is used for this purpose. In order to generate new blocks of the blockchain, the computers connected to the blockchain usually have to perform complicated computational tasks to validate transactions and add them to the blockchain. However, this consumes a lot of energy, making mining very costly. That’s why mining Bitcoin is hardly feasible for the average consumer these days. With proof-of-stake, the user only has to hold the coins and may receive X P coins in return. This saves considerably more energy.

XP Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

Coin development is far from complete. In the course of the year, the team wants to introduce several nodes. The “X P Pentanode System” should lead to more security and a better infrastructure of the network. Some of the nodes have the goal to finance the project. The X P Salesnode is designed to be used by dealers to sell products for X P Coins or to sell the Coins themselves. With the Geonode, the users who carry the XP Wallet on their iPhone will be able to earn X P Coins by visiting certain locations by activating the tracking of their iPhone.

It’s very difficult to get more accurate information about the team. On their own site, the developers introduce themselves as passionate cryptocoin fans and programmers, but hide behind nicknames. The chief developer Evangelo is said to have handed over control of the crypto currency to a new team due to health problems.

During pre-mining (digging for the crypto currency before it is generally tradable), 35 billion coins were distributed to the team in order to support the development of the crypto currency.

Binance Coin – advantages and disadvantages

This crypto currency could be particularly interesting for speculators, because in the foreseeable future the value of the coin will almost double: Of the 200 million coins in circulation, half will be bought back by Bina/nce, which should only increase the price of the remaining coins. The supply of tokens is limited, inflation excluded. However, the fact that the crypto currency cannot be mined makes it less interesting for those who want to profit directly from the coin itself without trading on the exchange exchange. The integration of the crypto currency is particularly advantageous for entrepreneurs and binance themselves, which only makes the platform more attractive for new users. The strength lies clearly in the platform, which in turn relies on the many old coins. If Bitcoin and Ether should go downhill at some point, then Bina/nce offers a good contact point for those who want to rely on Altcoins.

Binance Coin Price – Development – Forecast of the Bitcoin code

A prognosis is difficult to make because the Bitcoin code platform and the crypto currency are still very young. In any case, it can already be said that the share price has developed very well so far. For a long time, even after the Initial Coin Offering, the price was quoted in the range of 0 Euro or only slightly above. A positive development of the Bitcoin code began only in October, when the interest in the crypto currency clearly increased, which also affected the price. Within one day, the rate jumped from 0 to 1 euro per token.

In November, the NBB price did not break the 2 euro mark yet, but the high of almost 1.80 euro per coin was recorded in the second week. Thereafter, the price fell somewhat to around 1.20, only to rise slowly but steadily over the next few days and weeks. The forecast for December looked very promising:

In the first week the value of the coin exceeded the 2 Euro, held there for a few days and reached new highs in the middle of the month, when the crypto currency reached 5 Euro for the first time and continued this trend. 8.58 Euro should become the highest value of the coin so far.

In January, the price finally shot up. At 18.76 euros per token, the price was quoted for the first time and thus recorded its best result to date. It is noteworthy that this rise took place at a time when Bina/nce had to close its doors at short notice because the servers could no longer cope with the new registrations. This seems to have had hardly any significant influence on the price, in short it only dropped to only 15 Euro, which is still a multiple of the value with which the crypto currency started. Then it went again uphill with a value around 18 Euro per coin. If this trend continues, the forecast for 2018 looks very promising.

Where is the Bitcoin revolution?

Buying a Binance Coin is a bit more difficult than with other crypto currencies. It cannot be bought directly with Euro, Dollar or any other Fiat money. Instead, it can only be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ether, the Ethereum coin, on the official Binance exchange. You can get Bitcoin revolution and Ethereum on most exchanges, even for Fiat money. For example bitcoin.de, Kraken, Bittrex or Poloniex offer themselves for this. If you have a few Bitcoins or Ether, all you have to do is register on Binance. Registration is very easy and no verifications, such as uploading an ID card, are required. Then you send Bitcoins or Ether to the Web Wallet. With these you can buy the BNB coin. The coins can not only be stored on the Web Wallet of the exchange exchange, but also on the EtherWallet of Ethereum. Here is a review about the Bitcoin revolution.

Binance.com is a modern crypto exchange that constantly offers new old coins and is one of the largest exchange exchanges in the world. The coin offers numerous advantages to traders on the platform and thus seems to be a safe investment, which is also shown by the increase in value of the price.

BitMEX co-founder becomes Bitcoin billionaire – volatility is king

Ben Delo, co-founder of the BitMEX crypto trading platform, was the first Bitcoin billionaire and the youngest self-made billionaire in the UK to be unveiled. BitMEX*, a Hong Kong-based crypto-trading exchange, was launched in 2014. It offers up to 100x leverage trading and trading in Bitcoin derivatives and is particularly popular with traders.

The path of the Bitcoin Trader billionaire

Delo, 34, was born in Sheffield, England, the oldest of four children. As a child, he struggled to behave in class, which led to teachers asking him to leave three primary schools. At 16, he wrote that he wanted to become a Bitcoin Trader. Despite his early difficulties, he took the first steps towards his goal and earned a place at Oxford where he studied mathematics and computer science.

After graduating, Ben worked as a software engineer for IBM and a stock brokerage firm before moving to Hong Kong to work for JP Morgan. It was in Hong Kong that he first met the other two BitMEX co-founders, Arthur Hayes and Samuel Reed.

The beginnings were a challenging time, recalls the British billionaire. For four years he and his team had worked 18 hours a day. To save money, Delo also rented a large part of its living space to AirBnB users.

The Sunday Times reports that the co-founders together have hundreds of millions in their bank accounts, with the rest of their “billionaire status” tied to the Bitmex platform and crypto asset valuation.

Ethereum code is king

While 2018 has not been a good year for Bitcoin’s value, it has been a very successful Ethereum code review for BitMEX. In an interview with CNBC, Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX said:

“We have a good volume of up days and even better volume of aggressive down days. In 2018, we tripled what we did in 2017,” he said.

He also commented that volatility decreases with price and warned that lower volatility is ultimately bad for Bitcoin. Volatility is what makes Bitcoin skyrocket. While 2013-2015 saw a decline of over 80 percent from $1200 to $200, volatility allowed Bitcoin to grow from $200 to $20,000 between 2015 and 2017. With a more mature market, he believes that the time span between aggressive bull and bear markets is getting shorter and shorter.

“I think that something that goes up to $20,000 in a year can have a correction up to about $6,000…we can reach a bottom in the $3,000 to $5,000 range, but we’re just a positive regulatory decision away, maybe a SEC-approved ETF to reach the $20,000 and even the $50,000 by the end of 2018.”

Since there have been many positive contributions to Bitcoin lately, such as that the way is paved for traditional investors through Coinbase Custody. This could lead to the long-awaited wave of capital in the future and boost the market. It seems that the infrastructure will continue to improve so that Bitcoin ETFs can be expected in the near future.

Food companies join FoodCoin Ecosystem as partners

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The blockchain is definitely a useful innovation, not only for investors of crypto currencies. It is useful in almost every area – but one area stands out: the food industry. The most important aspects of the food industry, i.e. quality assurance, origin verification and food traceability, are the aspects that can be revolutionised and improved with the Blockchain.

Bitcoin Profit is real

The Swiss company FoodCoin Ecosystem has chosen this mission, the revolution of the food industry. FoodCoin is developing a blockchain ecosystem that not only provides a crypto currency for transactions, but also a number of useful tools: the product jump identification system PRORID, the’Smaco library for smart contracts’ as well as the Wallet Wallok and the payment processing system DiPay. https://www.scamcontrol.net/bitcoin-profit-review/ Today, food producers see Blockchain as an opportunity to bring production to a new technological level in order to offer consumers the best quality. They therefore decide to introduce and implement the blockchain in their operations.

Several small and large food producers have already decided to join the FoodCoin ecosystem as partners. In March this year FoodCoin entered into partnerships with’The Turmeric Company’ – founded by footballer Thomas Hal-Robson-Kanu, known from the Premier League – and the German canning manufacturer Aldim GmbH, founded by Alexander Schnekenhaus.

Both companies will open their online shops on 1000ecofarms where they will accept FoodCoin for payments. Smaller farmers also see FoodCoin as an opportunity. They can promote the high quality of their products. Russian farmer Yuri Smirnov uses the FoodCoin platform to sell honey. In the future, US farmers will also use this function.

FoodCoin Partnership

Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu explains that “a big problem in the food industry is that foods pretend to be something they are not. The system introduced by FoodCoin ensures that the entire food supply chain can be traced, regardless of the product or quantity obtained. You always know about food.”


Second FoodCoin Partnership

Mr. Alexander Schnekenhaus recognizes several advantages of the Blockchain technology. On the one hand, there is another, better way to find trustworthy suppliers who cannot cheat, and on the other hand, you finally get rid of the annoying paperwork.

Although the term blockchain is mentioned almost everywhere and constantly, most people do not know how to deal with it. That’s why education is important. It is crucial to explain to people and make it clear that it is not just about speculation and profit, but a technology, an instrument that helps food producers and farmers in their work and facilitates many tasks.

In April, FoodCoin reached an agreement with the production team of’Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. The company will be featured in one episode of the television series. This episode is broadcast on well-known channels such as Fox Business, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and RFD-TV Networks. The episode will be released in the third quarter of this year (Q3 2018).

The’FoodCoin Eco-System Platform’ already has over 2000 users. The token can currently be purchased on four exchanges, further exchanges are to follow in the future. For the time being, the company is working on the blockchain and the tools based on it. It is also working to reach new agreements and enter into new partnerships. FoodCoin would like to encourage other companies, also through positive experiences and successful implementations, to introduce the Blockchain technology.

The Ripple price did not move above

The Ripple price did not move above the resistance of $0.4750 and fell against the US dollar.
There is a bearish trend line forming on the hourly chart with a resistance close to $0.4600
XRP could even hit a new low in the near future
The Ripple price faces strong sales interest. XRP is expected to fall below $0.4300 and $0.4200.

Technical indicators Signals
Yesterday there was a slight upward correction towards $0.4700, but the upward movement was limited by resistance at $0.4750. This resulted in a downward reaction below $0.4600, breaching support zones at $0.4500 and $0.4400. A low was formed at $0.4393 and it seems that further losses are possible in the near future. The most important resistance is close to $0.4600. There is a large bearish trend line with a resistance near $0.4600 on the hourly chart, so if the price corrects upward, it is likely to face sellers near the $0.4600 and $0.4620 levels.

Ripple Chart from TradingView

Ripple price analysis with Bitcoin Profit

Looking at the chart, there crypto trading program such as Bitcoin Profit is a risk of a further drop below $0.4400. The next supports are near $0.4320 and $0.4200. The MACD is strongly in the declining zone. The RSI is now well below the 35 mark and signals sales pressure. The highest support level is $0.4350, while the resistance is $0.4600.

Ethereum Prize Highlights
The Ether exchange rate continued its decline and reached a new low of $415.54 against the US dollar.
There is a large bearish trend line forming on the hourly chart with a resistance near $435
ETH is in a declining zone and could drop towards $410
The Ethereum price is fighting for a recovery against the US dollar and bitcoin.

Technical indicators Signals to Bitcoin Profit

There was a rejection of the $446 mark. Ether could Bitcoin Profit be scam could not break resistance and fell below $430, forming a new low at $415.54 and the price is currently in a bearish zone. If there is a fraction above $423, the rate could expand the gains toward the $430 level. On the other hand, a bearish trend line is forming on the hourly chart with a resistance close to $435. A breakthrough in resistance could push Ether towards $445 and 100 hours of SMA.


Ethereum Chart from TradingView

Ethereum price analysis
Looking at the graph, the price is well below $430 under pressure. Maybe he’s moving towards $410. On the other hand, there are several resistance zones at $430, $435 and $445, and MACD is gaining momentum in the bearish zone. The RSI is now well below the 40 mark. The highest support level is $410, while the resistance is $435.

Bitcoin Cash Prize Highlights
Bitcoin Cash continued to decline to a new low for the month of $650
There is a fresh bearish bearish line forming on the hourly chart, with a resistance close to $690
BCH should move towards $640 and $630 in the near future
Technical indicators Signals
There was a new downward wave starting from the $780 high. BCH failed to prevail, moving down and breaking some major supports at $750 and $700, and the price appears to be moving further towards $640 and $630. On the upside, there is initial resistance near $680. There is a fresh bearish trend line forming on the hourly chart, with a resistance close to $690.

Bitcoin Cash Chart from TradingView

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis
Looking at the chart, the price is clearly in a downtrend below $700. The MACD is gaining momentum in the declining zone. The RSI is now close to the oversold level, so buyers may be exhausted. The highest support level is $630, while the resistance is $690.

Mycelium – Bitcoin Android Wallet

Mycelium – Bitcoin Android Wallet
By Patrik Eberle – January 17, 20180
Bitcoin Android Wallet Mycelium

Note: There is also a Mycelium Wallet for iOS, but this was developed separately from the Android – version, and differs strongly regarding the functional range.

Mycelium is one of the oldest smartphone wallets. Already in 2013 it arose from the project, BitcoinSpinner. The Wallet is not open source, i.e. the license does not permit the distribution of modifications. However, the source code is publicly available, so that you can read and understand it if you are interested.

The download size is about 5 to 7 MB, depending on the device the size varies, the installed application is about 25 MB. In addition, there are a few MB for the data, depending on the extent of use, the requirement is about 3 to 5 MB.

data backup
Mycelium is an HD wallet and implements the BIP32, BIP 39 and BIP44 standards, which means it allows multiple accounts to be created and uses standardized word lists as a backup system. It is compatible with other wallets that use these standards, such as the hardware wallet Trezor* or ledger Nano S*.

First installation of Mycelium Wallet
Figure 1: Creation of Mycelium Wallet
As soon as you start the application (Figure 1) you will be asked whether you want to use a backup or create a new wallet. Whoever creates the new wallet waits a few seconds, and then sees the default view. Longer synchronization for “catching up” with the blockchain, as known from other wallets, is no longer necessary. This is because Mycelium is not an SPV wallet that regularly collects and verifies information on the Bitcoin network. Mycelium connects exclusively to special Mycelium servers, which are designed to deliver required information efficiently and quickly.


Mycelium Wallet Dashboard
Figure 2: Mycelium Wallet Dashboard
Before you start sending Bitcoin to the wallet (see Dashboard Figure 2), you should make a backup. Hardware or software can malfunction at any time and smartphones can be lost, damaged or stolen. To still have access to the bitcoins in this case, select “Backup” from the menu.

Mycelium Wallet Backup
Figure 3: Create backup
You will then see 12 words that you should write down. The screenshot function is not disabled for no reason at this point – the backup should never be stored digitally, especially with images it can easily be seen by other apps or cloud services, and thus strangers get access to their own bitcoins. After writing down the words you will be asked to enter them again to make sure that you have written everything correctly and legibly. Afterwards it is best to store the note of the said 12 words directly in a safe place.

To receive bitcoin (Figure 4) you can now use the “Receive Button” on the start page. You will see a QR code, and you can also copy the bitcoin address to the clipboard or share it directly with other apps. An amount can also be specified optionally, and is then embedded in the QR code.

Receiving Bitcoin’s Mycelium
Figure 4: Receiving bitcoin
To send, use the “Send button” of the same name – here you can choose whether you want to scan a QR code, send it to your own address, use an address from the clipboard or even type in manually where the money should go (Figure 5).

Send Mycelium Bitcoin
Figure 5: Send Bitcoin from Mycelium Wallet
Additional functions
Besides the start page Mycelium offers three more tabs: On the left side there is an overview of your accounts, here you can also create, import or export new accounts – and select which account should be active at the moment. On the right-hand side is the transaction history, in which past transactions can be viewed and labelled, and the address book, in which frequently used addresses can be stored.

Mycelium also includes a variety of additional features and integrations that make the app a very powerful wallet: